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Third Sunday of Lent : What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? March 15

Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman is an excellent example of the growth of our faith in Jesus. It is an effort to put aside our vain interests, to recognize the truth of our own existence, so that, purified our gaze, our mind and our heart, we leave our prejudices, even our false ideas of God so that we are able to recognize in the person of Jesus our Savior.

The living water of Jesus purifies us from sin and opens us to faith. God is looking for us, whatever our culture or our tradition or our personal history Jesus becomes fond of, invites us to dialogue with him. He invites us to talk about what we believe, about our fears and about our anger, about what happens to us in life, about our current situation and about our personal history. In all that the Samaritan woman was busy.

The presence of Jesus, the dialogue with him, helps us break every cultural barrier, removes prejudices and gives us the confidence of his Word that teaches us and helps us to see life in a different way, in a renewed way. It is the spiritual water that it offers us. It is the water of his love. To live our faith "in spirit and truth."

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