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What does it mean to fast?

Fasting means voluntarily going without food, drink, or both for a period of time. And why do we have to do this? Sometimes it is to improve our health, paying more attention to what we eat. Other times, it is done for religious reasons, such as fasting during the time of Lent.



Whoever fasts does so with a sense of sacrifice, of committing to the conversion of bad habits, or bad behavior... whoever fasts deprives himself not only of eating or drinking, but also of buying and spending on things that perhaps are not essential and can dedicate more time and resources to meet the needs of others.


 Fasting is not just about stopping eating red meat, it is about doing everything possible to be better people, better Christians. To be generous, helping others. Not to waste things and take care of our world.



Fr. Tarcisio


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