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  • P. Claudio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? March 17 th, 2024

We are entering the last week of Lent and signs of the celebration of Holy Week 2024 are already on the horizon.


The Holy Word, today, Sunday, brings us closer to a deep and intense understanding of the God of the New Alliance and his messenger Jesus Christ. Jesus, Son of God, is above all our Redeemer and Savior... The One who can forgive our sins and save us from their consequences.


For the true Christian, following Jesus, as the experience of his baptism, is not just any spiritual experience, but the true and authentic experience. Our entire being and environment is transformed in such a way that we only want to see Jesus and be with Him... like the Greeks that today's Gospel tells us about who have already heard about Jesus, but who want to go one step further. And that is what we are invited to do now that this Lenten season is almost over, to take one more step, to go a little further, to mature in our following of Jesus. 



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