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At the beginning of the Advent season, the Advent Wreath is placed in the church, with 4 candles of different colors and one in the center of white. It is a symbol that helps us in our preparation to live Christmas, the Birth of Jesus. Its origin comes from a European custom, which has become popular all over the world. The crown is a sign that helps us become aware of the preparation we must have, to receive Jesus who comes to dwell among us. Each candle in the wreath shows us the steps we need to take to prepare for Christmas.

What does it symbolize?

- Crown of green foliage, either pine or laurel, the color green symbolizes: Hope and life.

- The red flowers or the red ribbon, symbolize the Love of God that surrounds us and at the same time the love that we have for Him.

- The round shape of the crown: it reminds us that God has neither beginning nor end, He is eternal.

- Three purple candles: the color of penance, the first, second and fourth weeks are lit, one at a time.

- The pink candle: symbolizes the Gaudette, which is the anticipation of the joy that Jesus is coming. It is lit on the third Sunday.

- The white candle in the center: it is lit on Christmas Day, it symbolizes that Jesus, whom we are waiting for, has been born and lives among us.

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