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Why the white color and the Bible, in Lent?

Today, in the second Sunday of Lent, on the day where the Gospel of the transfiguration is read, our Cathedral has as a symbol: the color white, because we want to symbolize the mystical body of the church - which we are- where we must all aspire to live with purity and be united in faith and charity. With this color we represent the path to the joy of Easter, we represent the light that guides us on the route of faith and life. This color also represents the joy and purity to which we aspire as a pilgrimage church.

Today too, we highlight the Word of God, and its need and presence in our lives. It is our mission that the Word of God is loved and studied, and above all, follow its orientations. Let us always remember that it will be God who speaks to us through this Sacred Book. This is a way of faith, where the Good News is written, and through it we come to the knowledge of God the Father and Jesus Christ, his son and thus to be able to gain eternal life.

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