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Among the various ministries or services that are in our community of Saint Matthew, is that of the ALTAR GUILD. With this term we refer broadly to all those who collaborate during the liturgical celebrations, especially in the Eucharist, Acolytes, Lectors, Choir, Communicators, Sacristy Service ...

Today we want to refer especially to this last group of servers that are responsible for taking care of the sacred vessels keeping them clean and prepared to be used during the celebration (chalice, ciborium, intinteries, handwashing), they are also responsible for washing and ironing small tablecloths called corporal and purificators ...

Those who participate in this ministry ensure that there is an adequate number of altar bread and the wine necessary to consecrate. This is a service that most parishioners do not notice when attending Mass, because it is a service that takes place before and after each celebration. We thank those who already collaborate as altar servers and invite other people to participate and collaborate as volunteers.

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