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Advent a time to prepare

Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of Christ. This time suggests that four weeks before Christmas we review how our spiritual life has been, our life in relation to God and our brothers and to correct our mistakes. Let's try to live this liturgical time with true Catholic spirit. Advent is a time when we can make a life plan to improve as people because the true light that life gives us is Jesus Christ, God with us. One of the important phrases of this time is “prepare the way for the Lord”.

We have a custom to make gifts at Christmas. What could be the best gift we can offer the child God? If you want to give him a very special gift ... maybe you can offer him your own heart! Maybe we can offer him our heart full of good things. If we are going to offer our heart to God, we have the opportunity to fill it with good things that please Him, so it is the time of advent, to prepare our heart because He is coming.

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