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  • Fr. Tarcisio

ADVENT, Time to prepare.

What is advent? The word Advent means “arrival, coming, manifestation”, and it is the time of the four weeks before Christmas; for us it is the time of waiting and spiritual preparation for the birth of the Child Jesus. With it the liturgical year begins in the Church.

We are probably only used to participating in the posadas in the time of preparation for Christmas, since this novena is part of Advent, in fact, with it concludes, between the days of December 16th to 24th. But it is not only a material preparation for the Christmas holidays, but an interior transformation of each Christian, cleansing us of all that sin that prevents from being in God's grace.

The conversion that Advent asks of us each year is not only to celebrate Christmas of the corresponding year, but for a lifetime, in such a way that when the Lord calls us to account, he finds us well prepared to enjoy his presence in eternity.

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