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Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday February 18th, 2024, First Sunday of Lent

First Sunday of Lent


Before beginning his public life, his mission to announce the arrival of the kingdom of God, Jesus withdrew to a solitary place to be tempted there; that is, to perceive with clear eyes his own identity, what his task was, and how people and events would try to divert him from his mission.


 The temptations of power, of miracles, of fame, would constantly cross his path. That is why it was necessary to be clear about what values and principles he would follow to announce his message of conversion, of love and fidelity to the commandments of the law.


 Jesus summarizes his mission in these words: "The time has come and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Good News of Salvation." He repeats these words to us today. And he also asks us to be careful not to get carried away by what is easiest, by what everyone does, but to be faithful to his word and his teaching.




Fr Tarcisio


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