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  • Fr. Claudio

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday February 25th, 2024

Today Saint Mark presents us with the story of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

The encounter of Jesus with Elijah and Moses, in this second week of Lent, invites us to contemplate Jesus as the Son of God, as the one who brings the definitive Law and the prophetic Word. In his person, we meet God, like the ancient Israelites in the Tent of Meeting. Peter's suggestion to build more tents is no longer necessary... To listen to and contemplate Christ is to encounter God. The transfiguration prepares Peter, James, and John to overcome the scandal of the cross and be, when the time comes, witnesses of his glorious resurrection.

 You cannot stay on Mount Tabor without first climbing Golgotha or Calvary.


P. Claudio


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