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Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday September 17th 2023

Ef 4, 1-7. 11-13; Rom 14, 7-9; Mt 9, 9-13

Sunday Readings:

Ef 4, 1-7. 11-13; Rom 14, 7-9; Mt 9, 9-13

On the occasion of the feast of Saint Matthew, we address the story of his vocation. The Gospel takes us to Matthew's first encounter with Jesus. If we ask ourselves, how did he make the step from publican to apostle? Here we have the answer: Jesus saw Matthew with a look of mercy.

Matthew found in Jesus' gaze all the tenderness that he never imagined he had with himself or with others. In the gaze of Christ, he found all the good that he did not think possible, all the respect of those who absolutely love you, of those who go beyond your limits, your sins, and your wrong decisions. And he felt totally loved.

Jesus sees in you what no one else sees, the person you could be. So, we also dare to look straight at our weaknesses. And the gaze of Christ is healing. It is a love that does not judge, that does not have prejudices. In the gaze of the Lord is the reason for our vocation. Follow Him!

Fr. Martin

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