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SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER. Reflection of the Word of God.

“If you keep my commandments, you Will remain in my love”

Sunday Readings: Acts 10, 25-48; 1Jn 4, 7-10; Jn 15, 9-17

Christ invites us to remain united to Him. Only in this way can we bear fruit in our lives. By listening to his Word today we understand that the fruit that he invites us to give is love. Whoever lives in Christ cannot remain in hatred, in resentment or distrust, in indifference towards those in need or in prejudice.

"God is love" (1Jn 4, 8). Jesus tells us that if we are in love to one another it is precisely because the Father has loved him and He has transmitted that same love to us and, therefore, just as He remains in the Father, we must remain in Him. He invites us to be a family in His love.

Love is a gift, a gift from God. Christ has shown us the “greatest” love, which consists in laying down his life for us, his friends. Christ has paid for our sins, that is, for our inability to love. To practice love, pray, be kind and helpful is to be united in His love.

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