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  • P. Claudio

The Catechism program in our Community

With God's blessing we are about to start a new Catechism course to prepare to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation. Children, young people and adults who persevere in Saturday classes will be able, according to the established program and calendar, to receive the graces that God gives us through Christ through the Church to help us fully live our faith.

This should fill our entire Saint Matthew community with joy. We must all feel involved in one way or another: Students, Catechists, Pastoral Team, Parents, Godparents and each one of us who belongs to this ecclesial family.

This pastoral activity makes us grow and mature as a living community that is renewed and strengthened by transmitting, teaching and celebrating the truth and love of Christ. At the same time, we collaborate in the Christian task and mission of seeking our salvation by working, in word and deed, for the salvation of others.

P. Claudio

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