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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? January 3, 2021

Today we are celebrating the Epiphany, that is, the manifestation of Christ to all peoples. This feast is also popularly known as the day of the Three Kings. It is a festival that goes hand in hand with that of the following Sunday: The Baptism of the Lord, another moment of manifestation, since it is the moment of the beginning of the public ministry of Christ.

The main thing about today's festival is expressed by the Gospel of Saint Matthew, with the episode of the wise men from the East, since his birth Jesus has a universal significance, without distinction of races or cultures

. God manifests himself: he is born to manifest himself, to communicate, to make himself accessible to all. Jesus did not come into the world to be private, but to tell us that God is our Father, that we are his children and that we are all brothers.

The wise men brought their gifts to the Child God. It is important that we give each other gifts. We can mainly offer the testimony of our faith, give the light that we have received. It is the best gift we can give, because the world needs this Child God who was born in Bethlehem. Jesus was born for all: to be ourselves stars that point the way to all those who seek God.

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