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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? April 7th, 2024

Today, the gospel presents us with a first appearance of the Risen Jesus to the disciples on Easter night, in The Cenacle... and another that takes place eight days later. That is, both on Sunday. Despite the resurrection, the disciples shut themselves away full of fear, but when they see Jesus and receive peace from him they are filled with joy.


The resurrection of Jesus involves all of us who are baptized, not just the first disciples who were eyewitnesses in those encounters with the Risen Lord: “Blessed are those who believe without having seen.”


Christ communicates to us his new life, of intense love, capable of transforming the world. The teaching given to Saint Thomas is a benefit for us. Faith puts us in a very beautiful relationship with Him… deeper than the material and physical vision of His resurrected body. In fact, he also entrusts us with a mission to bear witness to his triumph over sin and death, to bring his peace and joy to our today and here in our own reality. 


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