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  • P. Claudio

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? October 1st, 2023

We must constantly be questioning ourselves about our following of Christ: What are our motivations and our intentions? It is not enough to say, “Lord, Lord…” But rather, we must commit ourselves to listening to him and doing his will.

For the prophet Ezekiel, the adherence of our will to the goodness and justice of God should not remain in theory, but rather a personal commitment that includes our conversion and our perseverance. And, according to Saint Paul, it must be verifiable by assuming in us the feelings and criteria of Christ himself, the one who, as Son, said Yes to his Father and obeyed him in everything... until the surrender of himself on the cross. Our coherence of life will be our best testimony. We must not deviate or go back.

May the Word of God this Sunday renew us in our purpose to be faithful followers (disciples) of Jesus, our Master.

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