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Have you ever wanted to understand the Bible better? We invite you to take advantage of the Bible study group that we have here in the Church of Saint Matthew. Our purpose is to start you in reading the Bible with a method that you can easily follow. It is a permanent course that aims to guide you to read the Catholic Bible in a general, basic and simple way.

In the Holy Scripture (Bible), the Church finds incessantly its food and strength, because, in it, it receives not only a human word, but what it really is: the Word of God (1 Thess 2:13). Here we will answer any questions you have about the Bible.

The experience in the Church has taught us not to walk alone in the study of the Bible, much less separated from the community. The participants of the Bible group open the Bible to find encouragement in their path of faith. We know that when we approach the Bible as a source for family prayer, then the writing comes to life.

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