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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? Sunday 13

How could we properly say give THANKS for all that we have been given?

We would have to start primarily by thanking God that we are here; to Him, mainly, thank HIM. We could list the details of our health, skills, talents and personal characteristics that have allowed us to make our way in the world. We would also thank the family members who were there for us and created an environment through which we could mature. It is possible that our litany of thanksgiving would include teachers and mentors and friends, all those who along the way gave us encouragement, understanding, acceptance and company. We would give thanks for the love in our lives; for the great gift of children, ours or others; for art, beauty, history and inspiration. We could offer thanks for the faith we have inherited or discovered by ourselves; for the country we live in and the freedom we enjoy; for the second opportunities, for the grace to change, for the moments of play and rest; and for the joy we receive without paying or deserving.

All this comes to us without any effort on our part. Even the least worthy in our eyes has the same opportunities for happiness and the same reasons for hope. When we stop to make the list of what we have to thank, we realize that it would take us a lifetime to say thank you for everything and for everyone. We could start right now; Thank you for that rock, that tree, that flower, that color, or we can forget the inventory and live every minute of our life grateful, realizing that we are here for God's sake.

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