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  • P. Claudio

Christmas Greeting

The joy and blessing of Christmas be full in each of you and in your families.The birth of Christ is an announcement of peace for our hearts and for our world. The Son of God was born and remains to live among us, to accompany us, to give us his light and share his life with us.Our history is not lost. He became flesh by being born of a woman, and he has camped among us. Since then his light shines in our darkness. There is life and future, we can live with hope because he He is still with us.

The Son of God makes known to us his Father, his tenderness, his compassion, his mercy and his forgiveness. In Him we are also children of God. In this little newborn that we venerate and adore today, there is an immense mystery: it is the promise that is fulfilled, the hope made flesh. The salvation that has arrived. The Word of God who became man for love of humanity. A hope that begins today and culminates with his death and resurrection to achieve the perfect communion of God with us. He is our gift and the best Christmas Greeting: Merry Christmas 2023!


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