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Forty days after Christmas, we celebrate the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple of Jerusalem, fulfilling the precepts of the Mosaic Law and Tradition. The Holy Family: Saint Joseph, Mary and the child Jesus go to give thanks to God and to carry out the consecration of the firstborn.

This young family, in the sacred area of the temple and moved by the Holy Spirit, meets the people of the Old Covenant represented in the prophetic characters of advanced age: Simeon and Anna. Both elders recognize in the Son of Mary the fulfillment of God's promises in favor of the people of Israel and all nations.

This event gave rise to the festival of Candlemass. Mary, the mother of Jesus, with her Son in her arms, is the bearer of that great light, the light of Christ, destined to illuminate men of all times and in all regions of the world.

The Old and New Testaments come together and have continuity in this joyous mystery of salvation that invites us to go out to meet Jesus who has come to rescue us and to give his life for us.

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