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  • P. Martin

Lenten Season, A path to Easter

The season of Lent will lead us to the Easter celebrations. In this time of conversion let us renew our faith, quench our thirst with the “living water” of hope, and receive with an open heart the love of God that makes us brothers and sisters in Christ.


            On Easter night we will renew the promises of our Baptism, to be reborn as new men and women, thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit. However, the journey of Lent, like the entire Christian journey, is already under the light of the Resurrection, which animates the feelings, attitudes, and decisions of those who wish to follow Christ.


 Fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, as presented by Jesus on Ash Wednesday, are the conditions and expressions of our conversion. The path of poverty and deprivation (fasting), the look and gestures of love towards the wounded person (almsgiving), and the time of filial dialogue with God (prayer) will allow us to live a sincere faith, a hope lively and effective charity.


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