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Ministry of Lectors

You have already noticed that during the mass several readings of biblical texts are made, the intentions for the mass and introductions to each reading are also read aloud. For this service or ministry, some members of our community are assigned and prepared to give a good reading from the Ambo(place from where the readings of the mass are made).

The Lectors at the masses are members of our community, men and women, including children, adolescents or young people who provide this service to the Church and make us feel closer to the Word of God. That is why their preparation is very important, not only to make a laud and clear reading of the biblical texts, but also to know the word of God (the Bible) to share their experience when reading in front of the assembly.

Speaking in public is not easy, and those who have done it know it well. The most difficult thing is to overcome fear and nerves so as not to make a mistake, or think about what the people who listen to them are going to say. But practice and good preparation make this ministry easier. We thank the people who serve in our community as lectors and we invite those who want to participate, so that they receive the proper instruction and become part of the ministry of lectors.

Fr. Tarcisio

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