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Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe presented herself as the “Mother of the true God for whom one lives”; and she came to console, to attend to the needs of the little ones, without excluding anyone, to embrace them as a caring mother with her presence, her love, and her comfort.

Some countries are at war, there are injustices, shortages, poverty, suffering, and hunger. And despite everything, faith and love teach us that this is also a propitious time of salvation, in which the Lord, through the Virgin, continues to give us her Son, who calls us to be brothers, to leave aside selfishness and indifference, inviting us to take care of each other, going to meet the most forgotten.

The Virgin of Guadalupe wants to meet us, as she did with Juan Diego on the Tepeyac hill. She wants to stay with us. She begs us to allow her to be our mother, to open our lives to her Son, Jesus, and to accept her message to learn to love like Him. She came to accompany the people on this difficult path. “I am your Mother,” she tells us, the Mother of love for whom one lives.

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