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  • P. Tarcisio

Reflection of the Word of God, First Sunday of Advent, NOVEMBER 28th, 2021

First Reading

(Jer 33,14-16):

Keep Hope Alive.

Second Reading

(1 Thess 3,12-4,2):

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord.


(Lk 21.25-28.34-36):

Your Liberation Is Near!

The first week of Advent is centered on the coming of the Lord at the end of time. The liturgy invites us to be awake, maintaining a special attitude of conversion. Jeremiah, in the first reading, addresses a discouraged people and says: Courage! That a savior from the dynasty of King David is going to resurface. On his part, Saint Paul, writing to the Thessalonians, invites them to stand firm and without blemish, until the coming of our Lord, Jesus.

What has been able to discourage us in this year that is about to end? What can make us lose hope that things are going to get better? Well, whatever are those circumstances that concern us, today we are invited to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, to maintain the commitment to continually live in hope, in joy, in Faith.

Let's walk together in that direction, let's remove everything that can prevent a worthy celebration of Christmas. Many people in the world are sitting in the darkness of hunger, of suffering, of violence. And despite this, if we are the People of God, we hold firm to the hope that truth, goodness and justice will prevail one day, because we believe that Christ our Lord has come and lives among us.

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