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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday 4th September 2022

Sunday Readings:

Wis 9, 13-18;

Phlm 9-10,12-17;

Lk 14, 25-33

Jesus calls us to a radical choice, he proposes we put him in the absolute first place, Christ must be at the top of our preferences. Only in this radical way is it possible to truly follow him, to truly be his disciple.

But this preference for Christ does not mean a diminution of the love we owe to our family. On the contrary, the absolute choice in favor of Jesus as our only Lord and Master comes to purify and strengthen our ability to love everyone. Preferring Jesus is the best way to truly love parents, children, and siblings unselfishly.

If we, to build towers and win battles, must have adequate resources, also to become true disciples of Jesus we must be willing to be in living contact with the Master, who teaches us and makes us grow. patience and service to others.

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