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St. Martin of Tours November 11th.

On November 11 we celebrate St. Martin of Tours, also known as San Martin Caballero. He was born in Hungary, but his parents went to live in Italy. He was the son of an army veteran and entered the Roman imperial guard at the age of 15.

One very cold winter day, while in the military in France, he met a poor man on the road who was shivering with cold. Martin divided his mantle into two parts and gave half to the poor man. That night he saw in a dream that Jesus Christ appeared to him dressed in the half mantle that he had given to the poor man, and he heard him tell him: "Martin, today you covered me with your mantle."

The half mantle of Saint Martin (the one that he cut with the sword to give to the poor) was kept in an urn and a small sanctuary was built for him to keep that relic. In Latin to say, "half mantle" is said "chapel". From there comes the name of chapel, which is given to the small spaces that are built to pray.

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