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St. Matthew Apostle, Patronal Feast

On September 21st we celebrate the Feast of Saint Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist. For practical reasons, in our community we change this celebration to the nearest weekend. That is why we are celebrating Saint Matthew this Sunday. The Pandemic has forced us to celebrate our patron saint without carrying out some community activities, such as the festival, games, music, food ... However, we continue to celebrate from the most essential, which is to share our faith in the celebration of the Eucharistic, in the prayers and blessings that we receive from God through the intercession of Saint Matthew Apostle.

In the Gospel of Matthew we read: “Jesus saw a man named Matthew at his tax collector's position, and he said, 'Follow me'. He got up and followed him” (Mt 9:9). The look and call of Jesus forever changed the life of this sinner. Matthew teaches us that Jesus calls us not because we are holy, but because he loves us.

Let us pray that Saint Matthew’s Church continues in the service it provides to our community. May it maintain the welcoming spirit for anyone who wants to celebrate his Faith, because here, everyone is welcome to live and celebrate faith in Jesus Christ.

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