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The Ministry of Acolytes

The word acolyte comes from Greek and means "the one who follows or accompanies". It is proper for him to take care of the altar service, to assist the priest in the celebration of Mass. He will exercise these functions more worthily by participating with mercy in the Holy Eucharist, feeding on it, and acquiring a deeper knowledge of it.

The acolyte must learn everything that belongs to the Holy Mass and try to capture its intimate and spiritual meaning; so that he offers himself to God, being for all an example of seriousness and devotion in the Cathedral and, moreover, with sincere love, he feels close to the People of God, especially the needy and sick.

The functions that the acolyte can perform are: Carrying the Cross, holding the candles, and bringing the chalice, bread, wine, and water to the altar. If the incense is used, he gives the incense to the priest. At the end of the mass, he, and the priest return in a procession in the same manner and order with which they came.

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