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  • P. Claudio

The Ministry of Ushers

The Mission of the Ushers is to be ambassadors of Christ.

They provide voluntary service; they are generous people and willing to give part of their time for the service of God. They are the guardians of the House of the Lord, who receive and welcome people, indicate the appropriate and available place for each one; monitoring order, good behavior and respect for the sacred place that must be a place of encounter with God and with the Ecclesial Community.

They are in charge of collecting the offering and being aware of anticipating or resolving unforeseen events. Saint Paul tells us about this ministry in his 1st letter to Corinthians 12:28 as a help and assistance service.

The Ushers ensure that all who come to join us for Sunday celebration feel welcome and happy, participating in the Eucharist as a true community. Those who participate in this service or ministry seek to make God's children feel comfortable and welcome in their home. As well as helping people in what they need, being attentive to any eventuality during the celebration and seeking continuous training to provide quality service to the Lord.

Fr Claudio

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