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  • P. Martin

What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?, July 16th, 2023

Sunday Readings: Is 55, 10-11; Rom 8, 18-23; Mt 13, 1-23

With the Parable of the Sower, Jesus invites us to review our hearts to accept the seeds of the Kingdom. The place where the Word of Jesus grows is each one of our hearts. That is why it is necessary that they be available for the kingdom of God to bear fruit in them.

The Kingdom of God is given to us in seeds. God gives us everything in seeds.

That is, in possibilities. He planted our life so that it grows and matures. He planted love in us so that we can make it fruitful. The seed of the Kingdom and of the Word of God depends on each one of us. We are called to bear fruit.

God sows good seeds. And God is a good Sower. Let us give thanks for so many seeds that have fructified in us. Our hearts should not be hard because his Word would remain on the surface. Nor should it be full of tangles and superficialities because they would drown out his Word. On this day, let us ask to be good soil where the Word can be sown, and thus bear much fruit.

Fr. Martin

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