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What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday? July 21

In the first reading we hear that Abraham is hosting three unknown walkers. Note that although there are three visitors, Abraham says "Lord", talk to them as if they were one person. This very old paragraph of the book of Genesis makes reference to the Holy Trinity. In receiving the pilgrims, Abraham receives God himself.

The Gospel also talks about hospitality; Marta and María host Jesus. The attitude of the two sisters is very different: Marta, very busily dedicates herself to preparing enough things for the guest's service; instead, Mary, sitting at the feet of the Lord, listened to his word. We can say that there are two ways of attending a person: material attention, which refers to the concern for the external well-being of the guest; and heartfelt attention, which accepts the person in himself, and opens completely to his message.

Today Christ has come to visit us, he wants to stay in our hearts, he wants to talk with us, hopefully he finds us well-disposed and attentive; and that, even in the midst of so many things and pending, we may pay attention and listen to his message. Let's dedicate time to the Lord, our special guest.

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