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Fall Festival

October is the month in which many autumn festivals are held in different places, towns and churches throughout the country, thus celebrating the traditional festival of THE HARVEST.

Harvest or fall festivals, when they began, generally included a religious or spiritual component, where they thanked God for the benefits they received. Although the religious aspect may be less apparent today, the spirit of gratitude and sharing, with the whole community and even everyone in need, still is the central theme of the current celebrations of these autumn festivals.

Here at the Cathedral of St. Matthew, every year we celebrate this festival and this year, despite the situation that is being lived in the world due to the pandemic, we celebrate it, but in a special way and following the health protocols.

The idea is to celebrate the beauty of autumn, focusing particularly on the family as a domestic Church. Let us take advantage of this special time, to thank our good God, for all that we have received.

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