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First Sunday of Lent: What does the Word of God tell us this Sunday?

The temptations of Jesus in the desert

We have read in the Book of Genesis, the story of the original sin; when Adam and Eve disobeyed the Word of God and they fell into temptation. It is a story of a symbolic meaning, which explains, according to immemorial tradition, how men have always suffered the temptation to make themselves their own gods, absolute owners of their own life and happiness. This is still a great human temptation.

Jesus, before beginning his public life announcing the Good news of the Kingdom of God, retired to the desert. He is the Son of God, and has the power to do whatever he wanted; however, he overcame all our human temptations. In this way he made us able to humbly serve God and our neighbor.

In life, we will always be tempted to follow the easy way to solve things; we will be tempted by power, selfishness, pleasure ... God has created us free and we can decide and act as we please, however the consequences of our decisions will lead us to life or death, happiness or sadness and disappointment. With Jesus our Lord, we ask our Father from heaven that we can withstand the trial of all temptations of selfishness, pride and power. He wanted to serve God and save men from the humility of our human condition.

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