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  • P. Tarcisio

Happy Children's Day!

Today we want to congratulate the children in our community. And as part of our activities, we are going to bless the children at each mass; and later, during the fellowship in the Parish Center, we will share a small festival with them.

It is necessary to value and care for the participation of children in our community. We know that there are times when their presence can make some parishioners uncomfortable, especially when they are restless, or cry, or make noises. But we all have to remember that they are children, and that they are learning; it is important that they feel part of our community, that they do not feel rejected. With the help of their parents, they will understand, little by little and according to their age, the importance and the need to live the faith.

There is a well-known gospel episode, when Jesus' disciples prevented children from approaching him. Jesus reacted and told them: "Leave the children and do not prevent them from coming to me, because of those who are like them, is the Kingdom of heaven" (Mt19, 14). So let us not prevent them from knowing Jesus.

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