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In revealing and in reliving on earth the very fatherhood of God (Ef 3: 15), a man is called upon to ensure the harmonious and united development of all the members of the family: he will perform this task […] by means of the witness he gives of an adult Christian life which effectively introduces the children into the living experience of Christ and the Church. (Cfr. Familiaris Consortio #25)

God sets the father in the family so that he can be … “close to his wife and share everything, joy and sorrow, hope and hardship. And to be close to his children as they grow when they play and when they work, when they are carefree and when they are distressed, when they are talkative and when they are silent, when they are daring and when they are afraid, when they stray and when they get back on the right path. To be a father who is always present. (Cfr. Amoris Laetitia #177)

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