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How can I help my Family in times of Covid 19.

A video was posted on social media, which they claim was recorded during this quarantine time; where a woman plays the flute from the balcony of her house, suddenly an older man appears, visibly annoyed, yelling at her to stop playing the flute. He hits the flute with a plastic container, thus knocking the instrument to the floor. This provoked a fight between them.

This is just one example of how this time of confinement has been affecting coexistence with the people we live in. There are examples where we have been able to hear neighbors yell at children or any other family member where they say they can't stand each other and don't want to see each other anymore. There are also cases where people claimed to be tired of wanting to explain to their parents, who are older, that they should not leave the house. Anyway, this pandemic has put us in a big challenge.

At first we thought it was fun, we saw it as an opportunity to rest from the daily routine. But as the days have passed, we are overwhelmed by uncertainty about how long this will last, and whether we will have money, and concerns about medicines and food.

Each person faces the situation in a different way. Let's identify what works for most of us. For some, maintaining a routine similar to everyday life helps them. It is up to others to devote themselves to those things that they usually postpone because, precisely, they always complain of a lack of time."

It's important not to panic. Being afraid is a natural emotion, but we can't let fear control us. We must communicate clearly; families need to talk about the situation and how we feel. Let us listen to the other, so that we can understand their needs and not reproach them for their ideas or feelings.

As a family we must do activities together; board games, movies, group readings, preparation of some new recipe. Also, we must respect the moments of solitude, we cannot do everything together.

These simple recommendations will surely get us through together as a family.

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