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How can we live the Sacrament of Baptism in time of Covid-19?

How can we live the sacrament of Baptism during this time when the Cathedral has remained closed? Several parents are waiting for the doors of the Church to open to register their child and receive Baptism. We need the sacraments in the same way that we need to see our family or friends and give them a hug and share the joy of being together. We are on watchful waiting.

This time at home has allowed us to appreciate the sacraments in a different way. We know that the sacrament is much more than the rite celebrated in the temple. From the moment the parents decide to educate their newborn child in the following of Jesus, at that moment their baptism begins to be prepared.

You as parents are the first ministers of baptism, then, when the church reopens its doors, we, as priests will celebrate with you and the godparents. After Baptism, you continue your role as ministers, always setting a good example for your child so that they continues his Catholic formation at home to be witness Christ in daily life.

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