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Since there has been a need to suspend all public gatherings, including the celebrations of Masses and any other sacrament, due to the requirement of social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Where are the priests and their ministry?

Using their creativity there have been many responses from priests and pastors worldwide. When we, here at the Cathedral, suspended the public celebration of worship on the weekend of March 15, we found ourselves in the need to do something that we had never done before: immediately begin to broadcast the Masses live, in order to continue celebrating our church life. As the days passed, and seeing that the pandemic did not stop, as a pastoral team, we began to add prayers, reflections and any other type of contact that would allow us to continue meeting the spiritual needs of the people of this cathedral. The ministry has not been limited to virtual broadcasts, we have also implemented blessings for families, moms, graduates, dads, and any other kind of drive-thru blessing in the parking lot of our church. In other words, we have searched and continue to search for the best way, in this special situation, to bring you the Good News of God. It has been a great challenge, we only ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to continue being Apostles of the Lord.

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