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The sacrament of Baptism is the first we receive in the Christian life. Through this sign of the water that cleanses us and gives us life, we become "Children of God." With this sacrament we also commit ourselves to live according to the commandments and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, because the vast majority of us were baptized at a very young age, we do not remember that very special moment in our lives. But we trust that this faith that we have, that we have inherited from our parents, is thanks to their commitment to show us the way to God while we were little.

In most cases, the parents and godparents of baptized children faithfully fulfill their task of teaching and transmitting the faith to their children. But there are also those who consider the sacrament of baptism as a mere social commitment, and not as a commitment in faith, so once they celebrate baptism, they forget to practice their faith. However, let us keep in mind that there comes a time in the Christian life when each one is responsible for his own faith; It is up to each baptized person to know and live according to the commandments of Christ; It is your turn to strengthen your faith, and walk towards the promises of eternal life that Christ has given us through Baptism.

Today it is worth remembering that we are baptized, that we are the first responsible for our faith. And that we are called to live as Children of God.

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