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June 29th, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

Saint Peter and Saint Paul, upon meeting Christ, changed their lives. They experienced a love that healed and set them free, first them; and then they became apostles and ministers of liberation for others.

Peter, the fisherman from Galilee, was released from the bitterness of failure. Jesus encouraged him not to give up, to cast the nets back into the sea, to walk on the waters, to bravely look at his own weakness, to follow him on the path of the cross, to give his life for his brothers, to feed his sheep, giving him the courage to risk everything and the joy of feeling like a fisher of men.

Also, the apostle Paul experienced the liberation of Christ. He was freed from the slavery of his ego and religious zeal that had made him a violent persecutor of Christians.

Thus, Paul understood that we can do everything in the one who strengthens us and that nothing can separate us from his love. For this reason, at the end of his life, Saint Paul was able to say: ‘The Lord assisted me and will continue to deliver me from all evil works’.

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