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What is Lent?

Actualizado: 29 feb 2020

Lent is the liturgical time of conversion, to prepare us for the great feast of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus. It is a time to repent of our sins and change something of us to be better. That is why we are recommended to approach the sacrament of confession to be in peace with God, with ourselves and with others.

Perhaps many of us think that Lent is about stopping eating red meat, but Jesus' invitation goes beyond depriving ourselves of only certain types of food (Matthew 6,1-6, 16-18). First, give alms, which consists not only in giving money to the poor, but in every good action we can do to help others. Second, to pray, devote more time to our life of faith, participate with more constancy and devotion to the Eucharist, reading the Bible ... And third, fast, that is, deprive ourselves of certain things, not only food, but other habits such as stop drinking alcohol, smoking, eating sweets, buying things that may not be necessary ...

The characteristic color of the Lenten season is purple, which means mourning and penance; Repentance and conversion of our sins.

Every Sunday we will explain some important signs that allow us to know and live better this time of Conversion.

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