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  • P. Claudio

Reflection of the Word of God, August 28th 2022

First Reading (Sir 3:17-20.28-29):

Second Reading (Heb 12:18-19.22-24): Gospel (Lk 14:1.7-14):

The Word of God today repeatedly calls us to be humble, but Christian humility cannot be understood solely as a moral virtue.

Because it is not about denying oneself, nor about refusing to explore our own potentialities that as human beings we possess as talents that God has granted us to put them at the service of others. Being humble from the perspective of the Gospel has a lot to do with emptying ourselves of ourselves, to fill ourselves with God, being attentive to listening to his will and carrying it out above our own and refraining from feeling more than our neighbors.

Following Christ requires a large dose of personal “kenosis”, beyond all pride and selfishness.

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