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  • P. Claudio

Reflection of the Word of God, February 20th, 2022

In the first reading, David recognizes that Saul, at that time his enemy and persecutor, is, however, God's anointed as king of Israel... and therefore, he does not want to attack him and spares his life.

Saint Paul insists on reminding us that the authentic human vocation is to become the perfect image of God, passing from the earthly Adam to the heavenly Adam and always having as a prototype the living example of the Risen Christ.

And it is the same Jesus who, in the Gospel according to Saint Luke, teaches us how we must be the true image of God, being compassionate and merciful through the commandment of love for enemies and forgiveness of aggressors... but not out of hatred, revenge or retaliation, but exactly as Christ has given us an example: Loving without measure and without distinction, as He loved us... and, not only our family and friends, because it is also necessary and in an imperative way: Love enemies, to those who attack and defame us, to those who offend us or who cannot return a favor. This seems inhumane, it seems illogical, but it is possible and it should be the hallmark of Christ's followers.

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