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Reflection of the Word of God. Sunday 27th in Ordinary Time.

The Christian life is a gift and a task. God blesses us with abundant gifts and talents that have no other meaning than to multiply the opportunities of dignified life for many people. God gives us His blessings so that we can learn to share His love.

The dynamics of accumulation and hoarding are not in accordance with the spirit of the gospel. The vineyards are located as if they were owners, forgetting that they are administrators obliged to hold the sole owner accountable.

In light of the obvious social division in which we have let ourselves be locked up, we have to learn to add rather than subtract, to multiply rather than divide.

From a believing perspective, God the Father blesses us with his gifts so that we may generously learn to recognize his presence in anyone in a condition of need. Political divisions, prejudices and stereotypes should not prevail over the conviction of belonging to a single human family.

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