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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the Word of God, Sunday April 23th, 2023.

The road to Emmaus begins with the departure from Jerusalem. The two disciples, Cleopas, and his companion, gradually move away from the place where they experienced the great pain of Passion. The community of Jesus is also moving away, a community that, without the Master, no longer means anything to them.

Jesus accepts the lodging that the two disciples offer him and there he makes himself known to them. There, in his own house, at the table, he renews the sign of the last supper. The disciples recognize him in the breaking of the bread, that is, his love that went to the extreme of giving his life. And it was there, in the sense of his passion, where they recognized him.

The disciples return to Jerusalem with a transformed heart, a new vision of the cross, with new strength, after first walking sad, the disciples return to Jerusalem, to the same place of the Passion, which brought them so much frustration. and there they resumed their path of faith.

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