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  • P. Martin

Reflection of the word of God, Sunday October 24 2021

Reflecting on the miracle that Jesus performs in the Gospel, each of us can recognize himself in the blind Bartimaeus. In some way, we all have our own blindness, our limitations, our dependencies, which do not allow us to be happy.

We can settle for resignation and continue our lives as if God were not by our side. But Jesus passes through our lives today and we must have the courage to turn to him and express our need to him, knowing that the Lord hears the anguish and suffering of our heart.

Who knows how many opportunities we have missed in our lives because we have not been able to overcome our fears and turn to Christ with faith. But today we can go to Jesus and tell him our need. The Lord listens to us, lets us speak and express ourselves. Listen to the voice of Jesus in your heart that says, "What do you want me to do for you?"

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