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Stay with us, Lord!

In the church we are like a family, we are the community of the disciples of the risen Jesus who come together in his name because he is the one who calls us so that we can receive him by listening to his Word and taking communion. It is true that at the moment we cannot go to the temple as usual, but we are also aware that we will meet again soon and, in the meantime, we can listen to it from our homes and make spiritual communion.

Today the gospel tells us about the disciples at Emmaus. They return to life a little disappointed, if Jesus has died their hopes also die. While they were walking, they talked about everything that had happened those days. They were remembering Jesus, the words they had heard from the Lord's lips, and the miracles they had seen him perform. They also remembered the words of the ancient prophets, everything they had said about the Messiah. When commenting on all this, as they remembered these texts, little by little their minds opened, they understood that "it was necessary for the Messiah to suffer", and then, they felt that their hearts burned.

Today more than ever it is about seeing Jesus with the eyes of faith. Listen to and understand the readings and especially through our spiritual communion. In those little details of each day and especially in those signs of love that we have towards the family and the people we help, we can discover the real presence of Jesus who speaks to us and explains the scriptures, and breaks bread for us. Let us hold fast our hope to meet again on his behalf very soon.

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