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Solemnity of all Saints and all Faithful departed

This week we celebrate two important festivities for our Christian faith: “The Solemnity of All Saints,” on November 1st; and "The commemoration of the faithful departed", on November 2nd. Although traditions and customs vary from one Country to another, the first is to celebrate and remember all those who have been recognized as examples of Christian life, the martyrs, and all those who led a life committed to Christian principles and have been recognized for the Church as saints. The second is to remind all deceased family and friends that already enjoy the Resurrection of Christ and participate in the glory of God.

The saints are our intercessors before God and motivate us to strive to live a life worthy of the Faith that we have received through Baptism. And by celebrating the faithful departed, we also offer to God what remains of our life, to live according to his commandments, as children of God. Thus, this celebration prepares us and reminds us that we too will pass from this life to the next, that we will render an account to God.

Let us give thanks for the intercession of the saints and ask for the eternal rest of our deceased relatives and friends, renewing our faith in the Resurrection, which has been granted to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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