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Sunday of Divine Mercy

Pope John Paul II established that the Second Sunday of Easter be celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy. Essentially it is a constant invitation for the Christian world to face, full of confidence in the benevolence of God's love, all the difficulties and trials that may come our way.

According to the revelations made to Saint Faustina Kowalska, in which Jesus showed her his heart as a source of mercy in favor of us sinners: "You must know, my daughter, that my heart is mercy itself and my graces are poured out on everyone".

Therefore, we must also exercise mercy towards our brothers for love of God and fully trusting in Him.

The veneration of the image of Jesus has become popular, which represents the appearance of the Risen One to his disciples in the upper room when he gives them the power to forgive or retain sins and which corresponds to today's Gospel: John 20: 19- 31.

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