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Since ancient times, early Christians went to Jerusalem during Easter to relive the events of Holy Week. Precisely, the purpose of Holy Week is, above all, to participate in the Passion of Jesus Christ. As Catholics, we go to the church to celebrate the mysteries of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus to achieve the contemplation of God's love for us.

During Holy Week, we relive with Jesus the way of the Cross: his triumphant entry into Jerusalem; the institution of the Eucharist and the ministerial priesthood; his prayer in the Garden of Olives when Judas betrayed him; his judgment with the Romans and the Jews; his sacrifice on the cross; and his glorious resurrection on Easter.

The death of Christ invites us to remove our selfishness, pride, greed... and all sin to resurrect in Christ and live in divine grace that is the dignity of children of God, that Christ achieved, with the Resurrection.

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